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The Cosmetic Dentist in Virginia Beach Improves Lives

March 30, 2016

cosmetic dentist virginia beachThe cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach knows nothing says confidence like a big, bright smile. But if you’re suffering from imperfections in your front teeth, you’re probably not grinning with as much pleasure as you could — but we can help you smile (and live) better. Learn about your options in cosmetic dentistry here at Smile By Design, from Dr. Stephanie Santos and Dr. Vinita Folck.


Family Dentist in Virginia Beach on Changing Dental Needs

March 15, 2016

family dentist virginia beachSo much has changed since you were a child — not the least of which is your smile. Your dental needs are very different from what they once were. Yes, our teeth change a lot over the years, and that means your visits to the dentist will be a little different, too. Learn about our changing dental needs throughout a lifetime from the trusted family dentist in Virginia Beach at Smile By Design today!


Restore Damaged Smiles with CEREC Virginia Beach

November 16, 2015

a woman with a beautiful smile thanks to the CEREC virginia beach residents preferIf you’ve ever had a crown, inlay, onlay, or other dental restoration you’re likely aware that traditional dental restorations require at least two appointments. During the first visit, patients’ teeth are prepared, and impressions taken that are used by a lab to create a custom smile restoration. In the meantime, patients wear a temporary restoration. During a subsequent appointment several weeks later, patients receive their final dental restoration. At Smile by Design, we offer patients CEREC, the single-visit smile restoration alternative.

Tooth Loss: Common Causes from Virginia Beach Dentist

September 24, 2015

Father and daughter smiling with missing teeth. Get tooth loss facts from your Virginia Beach Dentist.However it happens, losing teeth is always a traumatizing experience. Gaps in your smile negatively affect more than your confidence — they can also interfere with the way you speak, eat and chew. The key to avoiding tooth loss is knowing why it happens, and what you can do to stop it. Keep reading to learn about the top four causes of tooth loss from the Virginia Beach dentist you trust at Smile By Design.

All About Dental Implants Virginia Beach Prefers

September 4, 2015

Smiling woman with beautiful dental restoration with the dental implants Virginia Beach trustsMissing teeth happen for a number of reasons. It could be genes — maybe your mother gave you her knack for tennis, but she could have also given you a few gaps in your mouth. Or perhaps your missing teeth were the result of a traumatic accident, like a car wreck. Whatever caused those gaps in your smile, one thing is for sure — you’ve got to get them fixed. Did you know that nothing comes closer to a natural tooth replacement than dental implants? Today, learn how your Virginia Beach dentist can help you complete your smile with dental implants.

Invisalign: An Alternative to Traditional Braces in Virginia Beach, VA

April 27, 2015

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Do you often find yourself dreaming about having a
beautiful, straight smile that can light up a room? Are you content with the
alignment of your teeth? Many adults are unhappy with their teeth, and some are
even self-conscious about the image their teeth present. Generally, the go-to
option for correcting teeth alignment is traditional braces, but most adults do
not want to undergo the treatment. So, is there a way to straighten teeth
without traditional braces? Smile by
, located in Virginia Beach, VA, offers Invisalign, a customized alternative to
the metal appliances of regular braces.

What is Invisalign?

Our doctors,
caring professionals with years of experience, and their handpicked team of expert
practitioners are dedicated to helping every patient achieve their dental
goals. We understand that most adults do not wish to deal with the metal
brackets and wires of regular braces, as the tension in the wires can become
painful, and the look can seem juvenile. This is why we offer Invisalign, which are
clear, personalized aligners that fit around the teeth. These aligners are
removable, which allows you to continue eating your favorite foods, brush your
teeth, etc. Because the sets of aligners are clear, you can maintain a natural
look without worrying about people focusing on your treatment.

How Does It Work?

When you come in for an initial consultation, we will
examine your mouth and take 3D images of your teeth. We will plan your
treatment and send the images to a certified Invisalign laboratory. The
professional technicians in the lab will create your customized aligners, and
when finished, send them to us. When we receive the sets, we will have you
return to our office to pick them up. While you receive your aligners, we will
instruct you on which set to start with, how long to wear that set, which
aligners to switch to, and so on. Within 9-18 months, you will have a
beautiful, straight smile you will be proud to show off to the world.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams

If you are ready to finally achieve the smile you always
wanted, then it is time to ask our wonderful team about Invisalign. Contact us today and
schedule your consultation. We are happy to provide our treatment to those who
live in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and the surrounding

Stellar Cosmetic Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA

April 20, 2015

How do you feel about your teeth? Are you content with the
aesthetics of your teeth? Do you feel comfortable flashing your smile? If you
are not proud of your smile, then you are not alone. Most Americans wish they
could achieve a celebrity-like smile, but over time, teeth receive stains from
food and beverages, and yellowing occurs over time. With modern advances in
dental technology and practices, it is now possible to get a bright, white,
beautiful smile with minimal effort. The office of Smile by Design, located in Virginia
Beach, VA, offers comprehensive cosmetic
, tailored to provide the smile of your dreams.

Wonderful Treatment from a Friendly Team

A luminous, glowing smile can be a difficult thing to
achieve, especially since your teeth will naturally turn into a dull shade. Our
doctors, a
duo of professionals with a goal of helping every patient with their oral
health, and our crack team of dental
masters are passionate about providing everyone with the smile they deserve.
Our dental practice is equipped with advanced technology and our team keeps
current with the latest dental trends. We guarantee our treatments will restore
the dazzling, white sheen to your mouth.

Treatments for Your Needs

Patients do not have similar needs, which is why we
personalize every treatment for each individual. Whether you need a simple
whitening procedure or something more, we can accommodate your desires and help
you meet your goals. We offer the following:
Zoom! Teeth Whitening:
If you want to blow people away with a bright, vibrant smile, we can apply
Zoom! to your teeth. In just one hour, you can walk out of the office with a
gorgeous set of teeth.
Tooth-Colored Fillings: Metal-colored fillings
are easy to spot, and they do not look aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, we
provide tooth-colored fillings. These fillings restore strength to the teeth
and blend in with their natural color.
Porcelain Veneers: Veneers can cover cracks,
chips, and fractures and give a beautiful look to your teeth. These thin strips
are created specifically for you and can be bonded within two appointments.

Get Your Dream Smile Today

If you are not content with your smile, schedule an
appointment at our office and start your journey to get the smile you always
wanted. Contact us now and set up your initial consultation. Our office doors
are always open to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and the
neighboring cities. 

How to Fix Imperfect Teeth and Get a Whiter Smile: Porcelain Veneers

March 25, 2015

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Everyone dreams of having a bright, drop-dead-gorgeous
smile. Movies, TV, and advertising always show individuals with straight, white
smiles that catch the eye. Sometimes, though, this injuries, trauma, stains,
and yellowing can prevent an achievable perfect smile. Aging and certain foods
and drinks can stain and yellow teeth, while injuries and facial trauma can
crack, fracture, and chip teeth. How can you obtain the smile you want? Smile by Design and its outstanding team of trained
have a solution for you: porcelain veneers.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers
are the answer to gaining confidence, self-esteem, and correcting any
imperfections with your teeth. The veneers are thin pieces of porcelain, a type
of ceramic, which are used to recreate the natural look of teeth, while
restoring strength. Veneers can correct shape, size, cracks, and other issues
with teeth. They are highly stain-resistant and are translucent, resembling
healthy, white tooth enamel. The enhancements will immediately change any smile
from dull to magnificent.

How Does the Dentist Attach Veneers?

Initially, you will have to meet with our dentist and
discuss the option. We will examine and map out your mouth, forming a plan for
the procedure (X-rays or impressions may be used to help with this). We will
then schedule a date for the procedure. During your next visit, we will get to
Anesthetic will be applied if necessary, and the dentist
will remove about ½ millimeter of enamel from the tooth’s surface, which is
roughly the thickness of the veneer. The porcelain veneer will then be placed
on the tooth, inspected to ensure the size and color match. If the size is a
little off, we will trim the veneer to make sure it will be the perfect fit.
After a quick clean and polish, the veneer will be bonded to the tooth. A
special light beam is used to cement the veneer and hold it in place.

I Really Want Veneers.

Consultation with our professionals is necessary before we
can green light a procedure. If you have an imperfect tooth – regardless of how
it became damaged or warped – and would like to receive porcelain veneers, call or email our
friendly staff immediately. We open our doors to all people in Virginia Beach,
VA, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the surrounding region. 

Crafting Beautiful Smiles with Extraordinary Cosmetic Dentistry

March 9, 2015

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Nothing turns heads faster and causing stares longer than
flashing a perfectly white smile. A bright, shiny smile builds confidence,
shows off your outgoing, joyful mood, and brings attention your way.
Unfortunately, certain foods and drinks will stain your teeth over time, and
growing older will naturally give them a yellow color. Do you want to avoid
others seeing stains or a yellowish color forming on your incisors? Smile by Design, a collective of dental
, can help restore your beautiful smile with simple cosmetic
dentistry services.

Cosmetic Dentistry? What’s That?

involves adjusting the aesthetics of your teeth. While a regular
checkup with our dentist involves cleaning and providing a healthier mouth
(general dentistry), cosmetic involves only creating a more appealing look for
your teeth. These services are all about enhancing your smile, giving patients
the teeth they have been dreaming about without the hassle of trying to deal
with store bought whitening kits.

What Treatments are Offered with Cosmetic Dentistry?

This practice offers several different options, all of which
are recommended by our expert doctor after a full mouth examination. Treatments
and procedures include:
Porcelain Veneers: These are thin pieces of
porcelain, which are used to create a natural look for teeth, fixing
imperfections and giving a white glow. These porcelain pieces provide strength
to teeth – comparable to natural tooth enamel – while giving the patient the
shining smile they deserve.
In-Office Whitening: Our doctor will apply a
layer of high-concentration peroxide gel to your teeth in 15-20 minute
intervals over the course of an hour. In one visit, your teeth can become 10
shades whiter.
Take-Home Whitening Kits: If you don’t have the
time to spend an hour in our office, we can provide a take-home kit. The
dentist will instruct you on how much gel to apply and for how long, but the
process is very easy. You will simply place the gel on a custom dental tray,
then insert the tray into your mouth.

Are You Ready to get Whiter Teeth?

If you are tired of hiding stains or yellow teeth, or if you
just want brighter pearly-whites, contact our office and schedule a consultation
with our professional staff. Our friendly team has its doors wide open to
Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and all of the surrounding areas. 

No Long Waiting Periods with CEREC One Visit Crowns

November 15, 2014

If you have ever needed car repairs, you know that the
process can be daunting. You have to drop your car off at the repair shop,
get a rental car, and then wait several days (or even weeks) to get your
car back. This is because the repair shop has to order special parts, wait for their delivery, and then begin working on your car. It’s all a
big hassle. The same is true for traditional dental crown procedures. In the past, if you
needed a dental crown, your dentist had to first take impressions of your teeth, construct and place a temporary crown, then wait two weeks
for the crown to be constructed by a dental lab. After this long waiting period, your dental
crown could finally be placed. Not anymore! With the new CEREC (Chairside
Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) one visit crowns
, there’s no
long waiting period for your permanent restoration. You can be in and out with
your brand new crown in one short visit. If you need a damaged or compromised
tooth crowned, make an
with the experienced restorative dentists at Smile By Design today. Dr. Santos and Dr.
can restore your teeth quickly and efficiently using the new CEREC crowns
technology. Smile By Design is
conveniently located in Virginia
Beach, VA
and proudly serves patients throughout Norfolk, Sandbridge,
Portsmouth, Fort Story
and surrounding communities.
You may need a CEREC crown
to repair:
large cavities
disfiguring chips or cracks
broken teeth 
misshapen teeth
The CEREC crown
procedure is a simple six step process. Your dentist will:
Cover the tooth with non-toxic powder and take
digital pictures
Using 3-D CEREC technology, the restoration is designed 
This detailed information is sent digitally to
the CEREC milling unit
The personalized porcelain crown is fabricated right in your dentist’s office
The new crown is polished and placed
The crown is permanently bonded to your tooth
The benefits of CEREC Crowns
No fabrication waiting period
Prepping, fitting, and placing all in one visit
No temporary crown that falls off or is
You receive your final crown in one visit
You get a more accurate scanned impression
Your dentist can make any necessary changes
Repair Your Teeth
with CEREC
in Virginia
Beach, VA
We use technological advancements to make our lives simpler
and easier every day. This principle should also be true of our dental care. CEREC crowns
make dental crown procedures faster and less complicated for dentists and  patients. That means that your dentist has more time to focus on giving you
the best possible care. Make
an appointment
with the highly qualified cosmetic and restorative dentists
at Smile By Design today. Dr. Santos and Dr.
restore smiles daily throughout Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk,
Sandbridge, Portsmouth, Fort Story,
and nearby areas.
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