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Straighter Teeth Without the Metal

Invisalign® is a cosmetic braces option that helps adults and image-conscious teens create straighter smiles without the need for conventional bracket-and-wire braces. Instead, it uses a series of clear, custom-made trays, also known as aligners, designed to fit comfortably and discreetly around your teeth.

This revolutionary orthodontic option has been used by over 6 million people, a number that is growing every day, to align their smiles with beauty and comfort. This treatment will be conducted under the supervision of one of our experienced dentists in Virginia Beach to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that your treatment stays on time. Dr. Stephanie L. Santos and Dr. Vinita J. Folck will carefully examine your smile before developing a personalized treatment plan to ensure the success of your alignment. If you’re ready for a straighter smile without the metal, give us a call!

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Woman placing Invisalign tray

Each one of your Invisalign® aligners is carefully crafted according to a detailed treatment plan created by Dr. Santos or Dr. Folck. As you go through your treatment, you’ll wear each aligner for about two weeks before moving on to the next one in the set. To ensure your teeth are ready to move onto the next set, you’ll need to wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day, removing them only to eat, brush, floss, and engage in special occasions. Periodically, you’ll visit us for quick checkup appointments so we can monitor your progress.

The treatment time will vary based on the severity of your misalignment and how committed you are to our instructions for wearing them. On average, Invisalign treatment takes between 10 and 18 months to gradually shift your smile into alignment. Afterwards, we will give you a clear retainer to wear to make sure that your teeth stay in their new position. This process is typically shorter than traditional braces.

Is Invisalign® Right for You?

Woman using clear aligner

Not every patient is a good candidate for Invisalign®. If you want to know if this cosmetic service is right for you, visit Smile by Design in Virginia Beach for a consultation. During your talk with Dr. Folck or Dr. Santos, your oral health will be assessed, and all your treatment options will be fully explained. If Invisalign® isn’t right for you, we can help you understand what your alternatives are. Fortunately, most patients are great candidates for Invisalign! This treatment can be used to fix mild to moderate cases of crowded teeth, gaps between the teeth, and bite alignment issues like overbite or underbite.

Why Patients Love Invisalign®

Woman holding Invisalign

Besides being clear, Invisalign® is also removable! That means your aligners can be taken out throughout the day to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As a result, you can enjoy the same diet without ever having to worry about eating something that will damage your aligners.

You can also keep your teeth cleaner with Invisalign®. Braces that have brackets and wires make it difficult to thoroughly clean your smile by giving food, bacteria, and plaque places to hide. As a result, patients with conventional braces are more vulnerable to common oral health problems, like tooth decay and gum disease. With Invisalign®, this is never an issue because you can take care of your teeth like you always have!

A straight smile won’t just help you improve your confidence; it’s good for your oral and overall health, too. Call Smile by Design today to schedule an Invisalign® consultation. Dr. Santos and Dr. Folck are committed to helping patients from Virginia Beach, Fort Story, and Northeast Virginia Beach achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles.

The Cost of Invisalign®

Woman smiling in dentist’s chair

The cost of your Invisalign clear braces will depend on a variety of factors like your oral health, commitment to the treatment plan, original position of your teeth, and if you lose or break any aligners. Because of these many variables, the best way to get a fair and precise estimate is to schedule an appointment with our office.

Caring for Your Invisalign® Aligners

Woman in dental chair holding Invisalign tray

You can use the Invisalign Cleaning System to clean your aligners, but you can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush, mild hand soap, and lukewarm water. It’s important to avoid using hot water because it can warp the plastic permanently. Additionally, be careful not to drop your aligners on hard surfaces because they can crack or break.

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