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Sleep Apnea

There are very few things that are as irritating and disheartening as a bad night’s sleep. While you sleep, your body is able to refresh and restore itself to prepare for the day ahead. Your mind and muscles are able to relax, and you body will be ready to perform tasks to your fullest potential.  When your sleep is disturbed, even in the slightest, it can drastically alter how your body performs and reacts. Sleep apnea is no easy condition to live with, and Dr. Stephanie Santos and Dr. Vinita Folck are focused on making sure our patients are taken care of in many different areas.

The most common form of sleep apnea is OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea. The word “apnea” literally means “without breath”, so when you sleep, your body’s breathing becomes interrupted for up to 10 seconds. Because this pause can happen several times in a single night, your body is left feeling more tired than it did when you went to bed. If you suffer from OSA, when you sleep, the soft palate in your mouth relaxes and collapses, causing your airway to become obstructed and narrower. This may cause you to snore excessively and loudly throughout the night, have short breaths, as well as other symptoms.

One of the ways dentists choose to help their patients with sleep apnea is by recommending mouthguards. One of the mouthguards our doctors will recommend is TAP, or the Thornton Adjustable Positioner. This mouthguard caters to those who suffer from OSA, and is able to keep your airway open so air can flow easily while you sleep. It works my positioning the lower jaw forward and prevents the tissue of the soft palate from collapsing, allowing you to get a better sleep and subside the snoring. The TAP consists of upper and lower trays that fit over your teeth, and is adjustable to provide optimum comfort for the patient. The TAP 3 TL allows the patient to open and close their mouths, as well as gives more room for the tongue when in use. Either way, this is a great device to help those get a better night’s sleep.

Another mouthguard that may be recommended is the Silent Nite sl. Just like the TAP, the Silent Nite works by positioning your jaw forward, allowing for air to flow easily. For this mouthguard, however, certain registrations must be taken so ensure optimum results. Your bite registration is taken into account, making your Silent Nite sl to be custom made to fit your own unique bite. An affordable and non-invasive mouthguard, you are sure to sleep well.

The EMA, Elastic Mandibular Advancement, also helps with OSA and is non-invasive. Like the previously mentioned mouthguards, EMA positions the jaw forward for better airflow, but it also opens your bite. It is designed for optimum patient comfort, as it comes with five different strap lengths and four elastic tension options. The EMA is made for patients that have a full or partial set of natural teeth.

There’s no reason for you to suffer with your sleep apnea. Dr. Santos and Dr. Folck are able to give you the sleep you’ve been wanting at our Virginia Beach dental practice. Call us today and make your appointment to a restful night.

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