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Porcelain Veneers in Virginia Beach, VA

Porcelain Veneers Virginia Beach Cosmetic Dentists Make Over Your Smile

Do you have so many tooth flaws you worry that you could never have a straight, white, beautiful smile? Maybe you think it would require too many procedures or too much money to get the smile of your dreams. If so, you may benefit from porcelain veneers. At Smile By Design in Virginia Beach, VA, we can makeover your whole smile in only two treatment visits!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of layered ceramic, which add strength to your teeth. Porcelain veneers fit over your existing tooth structure like tiny sheaths, instantly transforming your smile from dull to dazzling. At our Virginia Beach office, we use porcelain veneers to whiten, straighten, and correct flaws. Veneers are highly stain-resistant and are translucent so that they resemble healthy, white tooth enamel.

Smile By Design

The aesthetic training of our cosmetic dentists benefits our Virginia Beach patients seeking smile enhancements. We have the experience and training to ensure your new porcelain veneers will compliment your facial features, your hair color, and your eye color. Designing custom porcelain veneers isn’t just about creating the right kind of teeth, but also creating veneers that fit your look—from your skin tone to the symmetry of your face. Your porcelain veneers must meet our exacting standards, so we work with the finest dental labs that utilize modern materials for natural-looking veneers.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

With porcelain veneers, our Virginia Beach cosmetic dentists can:

  • Close gaps and odd spaces
  • Cover stains and dark spots
  • Change tooth length
  • Create uniform appearance
  • Camouflage cracks and chips
  • Give teeth an evenly white appearance
  • Make crooked teeth appear straight

Tooth Revitalization

At your first treatment visit to our Virginia Beach office, we take impressions and prepare your teeth. Working with the molds and photos, a ceramist at one of our trusted dental labs handcrafts your porcelain veneers. When the veneers are returned to Smile By Design, one of our cosmetic dentists makes any needed adjustments, takes the time to ensure your veneers fit well and look great, and then permanently bonds the veneers to the fronts of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneer Consultation

While traditional porcelain veneers usually take only two treatment visits, we begin your smile transformation process with a porcelain veneer consultation. At this initial visit, our cosmetic dentists review your smile goals, answer your questions, and discuss your concerns. Patients in Virginia Beach, VA can enjoy a brand new smile with porcelain veneers. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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