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Virginia Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Nobody’s perfect. We all have things we’d like to improve about ourselves. Whether it’s a personality characteristic such as becoming more outgoing, or a physical characteristic like your smile, everyone has something they can work on.

At Smile by Design, we help people improve their smile and then lo’ and behold they become more outgoing! A beautiful smile can be a confidence booster. With the right cosmetic dentistry in Virginia Beach, you can have a more attractive smile and be more confident. The dentists and their team at Smile by Design have the knowledge and experience to improve your smile using a variety of cosmetic dentistry techniques. Get the confidence you deserve today.

Teeth Whitening with Zoom!

As the years go by, different factors can begin to take a toll on our teeth.

Colas, coffee, and red wine are all drinks that can darken the color of your teeth’s enamel and leave lasting stains. Likewise, tobacco products can stain your teeth or a traumatic injury can cause a tooth to discolor internally. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the embarrassment of a smile that isn’t pleasingly white. Smile by Design offers the revolutionary Zoom! teeth whitening process, which has been known to brighten teeth by up to ten shades. The procedure only takes about one hour, because a special light speeds the whitening process.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Metal-colored fillings in your teeth don’t go unnoticed, but you can't leave cavities untreated. Your cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach offers tooth-colored fillings to save your teeth and your white smile. Made of composite resin materials, these fillings repair a decayed tooth and strengthen the tooth, too, because composite resin bonds with the remaining tooth structure. Schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentistry practice to restore your smile!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have long been a popular cosmetic procedure, and our Virginia Beach cosmetic dentistry office is proud to provide them for patients that want to improve their overall look and smile. Porcelain veneers cover cracks, hide chips, and can even disguise permanent stains to improve the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Santos or Dr. Folck will bond veneers to existing healthy teeth. Each porcelain veneer is customized to match or correct the unique size, shape and color of a tooth. And the natural look of porcelain mimics the light-reflecting qualities of your natural teeth. Call our office to find out more about how porcelain veneers will improve your smile.


If you’d like a smile with straighter teeth but you are reluctant to wear traditional braces with metal brackets and wires, then consider Invisalign. This orthodontic system uses clear plastic aligners to move your teeth. Dr. Santos or Dr. Folck will work closely with technicians at Invisalign to develop a treatment plan that addresses the specific alignment problems of your smile. All you have to do is wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day and watch your teeth gradually move into proper position.

Our skilled cosmetic dentistry team is eager to work with you to create your beautiful new smile. We coordinate looks for patients in Virginia Beach, Fort Story, Sandbridge, and other communities, so hurry and schedule your appointment with Smile by Design in Virginia Beach today.

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