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Restorative Dentistry for Virginia Beach, VA

Restorative Dentistry Virginia Beach VA Smile By Design Restores Oral Health

At Smile By Design, our Virginia Beach dentists can add beautiful and natural-looking tooth restorations. Missing, broken, and decayed teeth can impact your appearance and your confidence. But damaged and missing teeth also create a number of dental problems, such as:

  • Bite problems
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Problems with speech
  • Increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  • Additional tooth loss
  • Weakened jawbone
  • Changes in facial structure
  • Older appearance

At our Virginia Beach office, our restorative dentistry options include dental implants. This treatment can be used in a variety of cases, from restoring a single tooth to anchoring implant-retained dentures.

Do you need your missing teeth replaced?

Dental implants are an optimal solution for missing teeth because they replace the entire tooth—from root to crown. The fixture embedded into your jaw is usually made from biocompatible materials, such as titanium or zirconia, which encourages bone tissue to fuse around it. Our dentists can restore your dental implants with beautiful, natural-looking restorations or implant-retained dentures and partials.

For patients who live in and around Virginia Beach who want a whole smile again, we can restore your smile with a dental bridge. Bridges are permanently affixed to real teeth (the ones on either side of the space), and are called fixed bridges because they're not removable.

Are you worried about how your fillings will look?

At Smile By Design, we use tooth-colored fillings to treat your cavities. Made from safe composite and porcelain materials, these fillings look like a natural part of your tooth. They bond well to your enamel, creating strength and durability for years to come. We can replace your worn out or metal fillings with these biocompatible dental fillings.

What about other kinds of tooth restorations?

Rely on our caring dental team in Virginia Beach to create the tooth restorations you need for a beautiful and healthy smile. Not only do we have CEREC one-visit crowns, we can also create ceramic inlays and onlays to restore teeth to complete health and strength. We can also restore the look of your teeth with cosmetic bonding (for chips, cracks, or dark spots), and, of course, tooth-colored fillings to treat teeth ravaged by decay.

How do I make a restorative dentistry appointment?

It’s easy! Call us at our office or request an appointment. At our Virginia Beach dental practice, Dr. Santos and Dr. Folck can perform restorative dentistry to return beauty and health to your smile!

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