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Evolution of Dental Veneers

February 26, 2023

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Model of dental veneer on lower toothDental veneers have ranked among the top elective services for the past decade. However, they have been around for much longer. Veneers have been used since 1928, but they’ve come a long way over the years. Various improvements to the materials and technique now allow veneers to last for longer than ever before. Here’s how they have evolved throughout time to create the dazzling results of today.


It’s a New Year! 4 Reasons to Get a Dental Checkup Now

January 6, 2023

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a woman with a healthy smile in the New Year

A new year has begun, which means it’s time for resolutions! Oftentimes, people make goals to improve their health or finances. The good news is that you can include both when it comes to caring for your teeth! By scheduling a dental checkup for you early in the year,  you will be tending to your oral health and capitalizing on your dental insurance. Here are four reasons why visiting your dental team at the start of 2023 is a great idea!


3 Ways to Protect your Teeth This Holiday Season

December 19, 2022

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Smiling woman standing in the snow

For some of us, the holiday season is less about relaxing and more about dealing with travel, cooking, and buying gifts. In the midst of all that, finding the time to take care of your oral health can be a little bit of a challenge. Thankfully, if you go into the holiday season with a plan, it won’t be hard to make sure your and your family’s teeth remain in good shape. Here are a few things you can do to preserve your oral health this holiday season.


4 Facts About Dental Insurance

November 10, 2022

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Dental insurance and tooth on digital screenDental insurance in Virginia Beach is an investment in your oral health because you have access to affordable dentistry. Although more Americans than ever have coverage, less than 3% of adults reach their annual limits. Many people skip routine care or put off dental work because of the cost, despite having coverage. Don’t let confusion about your benefits stop you from getting the care you need. Here are 4 things to remember to maximize your dental insurance, so you can achieve your best smile without breaking the bank.


5 Reasons Dental Implants are Successful

October 30, 2022

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Model of a dental implantBridges, partials, and dentures have been standard treatments for missing teeth for generations, but over 500,000 people every year are breaking from tradition by using an alternative solution. Dental implants are the most reliable method of replacing lost teeth. A dental implant is unlike any other treatment because it replicates both the root and the crown. Not only does this provide exceptional benefits not possible with previous options, but the dental implant success rate is over 95%. Here are 5 secrets behind the most successful choice for tooth loss.


Why You Should Replace Missing Molars

September 23, 2022

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Dental implant for missing back toothMany people fear losing a front tooth because a gap will be the focal point of their smile. Losing a back tooth may not seem as concerning because no one will see it. Although it may not stand out like a sore thumb, every tooth is crucial for a healthy, functional smile. A missing back tooth can have lasting consequences for your oral and general health. Here’s why you should replace your lost tooth with a dental implant quickly. 


How Can I Manage My Halloween Sweet Tooth?

September 8, 2022

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example of a collection of Halloween candy in Virginia Beach

With the leaves turning colors and the air getting colder, you probably know that Halloween is right around the corner. If you enjoy dressing up for the spooky season and going trick-or-treating, you’re bound to accumulate an ample amount of treats that can last through the winter (hopefully). While Halloween candy is tasty and makes for a fun holiday, it can also harm your oral health in the long run. Read on to learn what these snacks can do to your smile and tips on how to manage your sugar cravings!


How Soon After a Tooth Extraction Can I Get a Dental Implant? 

August 24, 2022

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Are one or more of your teeth badly decayed or damaged? If so, then the best route to restoring your healthy smile may be removing them entirely. But how soon after can you fill the gap in your smile? You want to have a full smile and strong bite as quickly as possible, after all. Keep reading to learn from your dentist when you can get dental implants after a tooth extraction!


What Factors Influence Dental Implant Cost?

August 4, 2022

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dental implants illustration

When you are contemplating a dental treatment, odds are one of your first considerations is the cost. As you may have discovered, when looking for prices online that information can be difficult to pin down. One procedure with a wide range of estimates is dental implants in Virginia Beach. If you’ve been considering this treatment, you may have reached this conclusion yourself, as it’s almost impossible to find one answer. There are many factors at play with this tooth-replacement option that affects its affordability. Read on to learn from your implant dentist which variables influence dental implant cost.


Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

July 22, 2022

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Shade-matching a patient’s teeth for cosmetic dentistry

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself posted on a friend or family member’s social media and felt embarrassed about how your smile looks? It might be a good sign that you should consider cosmetic dentistry to take care of any cracks, stains, or other imperfections on your grin. After all, if you’re not confident in your smile, you may have trouble showing it off at job interviews or other important events where a first impression counts the most. But how can you know for sure that cosmetic dentistry in Virginia Beach is right for you? Here are 3 steps you can take to figure it out.

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