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Our Commitment to Safety

Our Dental Practice Offers CEREC in Virginia Beach, VA

January 24, 2017

Undergo convenient, same-day dental crown restoration treatment with state-of-the-art CEREC technology in Virginia Beach, VA.Are you experiencing a damaged or broken tooth? You may need to consider visiting our Smile by Design office and looking into dental crowns in Virginia Beach, VA. Our office offers CEREC, a new technology that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. This gives our team the ability to create same-day dental crowns, accommodating busy schedules and providing a solution to various oral health issues.


Signs You Might Need a Root Canal in Virginia Beach

November 28, 2016

Stop pain and extraction with root canal therapy in Virginia Beach. Drs. Santos and Folck perform endodontics to infection and restore failing teeth.

Intense dental sensitivity and swollen gums frequently indicate infected tooth pulp. Root canal therapy in Virginia Beach is a comfortable alternative to tooth extraction. Also called endodontics or “ a root canal,” this restorative treatment extracts diseased inner pulp and crowns remaining tooth structure to protect it for years of additional service. Dr. Stephanie L. Santos and Dr. Vinita John Volck of Smile by Design perform endodontics to restore smiles to health, function and great aesthetics.


What to expect during Virginia Beach root canal therapy

August 11, 2016

Virginia-Beach-root-canalSaving a sick tooth is better than extraction, but many people choose extraction rather than Virginia Beach root canal therapy. Learn how Dr. Stephanie Santos and Dr. Venita John Falck perform this straightforward and long-standing restorative treatment comfortably in just 2 dental visits. (more…)

Enjoy General Dentistry Services That Will Keep Your Family Smiling Big

May 21, 2015

General dentistry for the whole family.To us, there’s nothing better than seeing a family with bright, beautiful smiles. Think about family pictures throughout the years. You want you and your family’s smiles to stay beautiful throughout your lives, and the best way to maintain a great smile is by keeping Dr. Santos, Dr. Folck and the rest of the Smile By Design team as part of your dental family. Our general dentistry services are here to help your mouths stay strong, clean and, most importantly, healthy. Unhealthy mouths can lead to a multitude of problems down the road that could be very expensive and time consuming. With comfortable, comprehensive dental care within your reach, why wouldn’t you want to treat your family’s mouths to a dental team that has their care at the top of their minds? Our Virginia Beach, VA office is ready to treat your family with the utmost care.

Get Rid of Tooth Pain for Good with Root Canal Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA

January 28, 2015

If you suffer from toothaches on a regular basis, you
understand how much it can interfere with your daily activities. It can be
difficult to concentrate at work, and you may avoid eating certain foods or
drinking cold beverages. Tooth pain doesn’t have to rule your life; the doctors
at Smile by Design in Virginia Beach, VA
can help you find lasting toothache relief with gentle root canal therapy. Dr. Vinita Folck
and Dr. Stephanie Santos
offer a complete menu of general and restorative
treatments, including endodontic
How Do I
Know if I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The most common symptom associated with an infected root canal is sensitivity to cold
temperatures and pain when pressure is applied to the tooth. Other signs that
you may need root canal treatment include
a pimple that forms on the gums, darkening of the affected tooth, and tenderness
in the jaw. Fortunately, the team at Smile
by Design
is here to help. We will clear the tooth of all infection, fill
the resultant cavity with a biocompatible material, and cap the tooth with a
beautiful custom crown. You’ll be free of pain and free to smile with comfort
once again.
It is important to remember that some infections deep within
teeth do not cause any noticeable symptoms until the decay is quite advanced.
This is yet another reason that routine checkups at your local Virginia Beach, VA dentist are so vital
to lifelong oral health and beautiful, attractive smiles.
Truly Gentle Root Canal Therapy

Root canal
may have developed a bad reputation over the years, but the
truth is that this procedure is no more uncomfortable than a simple filling.
Our team will make sure that you are completely comfortable before, during, and
after your procedure, offering sedation dentistry for patients who need a
little help relaxing at the dentist. Contact us today to
schedule your visit with Dr. Folck and
Dr. Santos at Smile by Design in Virginia
Beach, VA.
We can help you find lasting relief from toothache pain as we
ensure your continued oral health for years to come. Our state-of-the-art
dental practice proudly serves families from Sandbridge, Fort Story, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and beyond.

Don’t Let Toothache Pain Ruin Your Holidays: Get Root Canal Therapy at Smile By Design Today

November 30, 2014

With all of the cooking, shopping, decorating, and traveling
you have to do this holiday season, the last thing you’ll want to deal with
is a toothache. Pain and soreness from a toothache can be so intense; it can
literally render you helpless. That’s why it’s so important to see a dentist to
get a sore or sensitive tooth treated, before the pain and discomfort have a
chance to ruin your holidays. Make an appointment
with the gentle and caring dentists at Smile
By Design
today. Dr. Santos and Dr.
can get you immediate pain and sensitivity relief with root canal
. Smile By Design provides root canal therapy to patients throughout
Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk,
Sandbridge, Portsmouth, Fort Story
, and nearby communities.
What Happens During Root Canal
·         The dentist will complete the anesthesia, so
all pain is blocked
The infected tooth will be isolated with a
rubber dam
An access whole will be drilled into the core of the
The root canal will be cleaned out and shaped
The dentist will fill the root canal with gutta-percha and
use a dental sealer to cover the whole
A temporary or permanent crown will be placed
Will Root Canal

No. The compassionate and gentle dentists at Smile By Design take every
precaution to ensure that you are completely calm and comfortable during the
entire procedure. They will also insure that the infected tooth and surrounding
tissues are completely numbed before beginning the root canal
. Besides, the intense pain of a toothache far exceeds any
sensitivity you might experience during a standard root canal therapy
If you are muddling through toothaches, you’ve already
waited too long to see a dentist. Not only can Smile By Design relive your pain,
the root canal
they provide can also save your natural tooth from falling out, or
needing to be extracted. To protect your teeth and your sanity this holiday
season, make an
with the experienced restorative dentists at Smile By Design today. Dr. Santos and Dr.
can complete your root canal
quickly and efficiently. Smile
By Design
is conveniently located in Virginia Beach, VA with
comprehensive dental services to patients throughout Norfolk, Sandbridge,
Portsmouth, Fort Story
, and surrounding areas.

Virginia Beach Root Canal Therapy

February 21, 2014

Our teeth are made up of three layers. On the outside is a
protective layer called enamel. Beneath that is a sensitive layer of dentin. At
the very center of a tooth is the nerve, which is composed of a pulpy material.

A serious toothache can be a sign that there’s something
wrong with this innermost layer. Sometimes a toothache like this is caused by a
deep cavity, and sometimes it’s the result of an injury. If you’re experiencing
a severe toothache, you may have an infection that needs to be treated with a root canal
from our Virginia Beach office.
  • Other signs include:
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Recurring pimple around your gums
  • Pain when you chew
With a root canal,
Dr. Santos
and Dr. Folck
can help by removing the infected pulp from your tooth, filling the center with
an inert substance, and cap the tooth with a crown. Removing the infection will
save your smile and offer relief from your uncomfortable symptoms. It will also
mean saving the root underneath. Why is that important? Because your jaw relies
on your tooth roots to stay healthy and strong throughout your life.

Do you have questions about root canal therapy? Are you struggling with a severe toothache? Let
Dr. Santos and Dr. Folck talk to you about your smile. With an oral health
assessment our Virginia Beach team
can help you understand what kind of care you need. Dr. Folck and Dr. Santos
offer root canal therapy to patients
from Virginia Beach, Fort Story, Sandbridge, and surrounding areas.

Root Canal Therapy for Virginia Beach and Beyond

November 27, 2013

If you’re experiencing sensitivity or pain because of decay,
damage, or an injury, you may benefit from a root canal. During
a root canal, Dr. Folck and Dr. Santos
will remove your tooth’s infected nerve and replace it with a safe substance
before capping it with a protective crown. This treatment will relieve your
painful symptoms, restore your oral health, and prevent the need for a tooth
But despite the changes made to your tooth, you won’t have
to worry about your smile’s functionality changing. In fact, root canals are designed to preserve
them. A root canal only removes your
tooth’s nerve; it doesn’t remove your tooth root, which is essential for
anchoring your tooth to your jaw. Tooth roots also promote bone growth in the
jaw so that it stays healthy throughout the years.
Conversely, when you lose a tooth root, your jawbone begins
to shrink, potentially throwing your smile out of alignment and leading to the
loss of other teeth. A root canal
will help you prevent this by treating infection before extraction becomes
What are the signs that you might need a root canal? Consider these:
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Pain that keeps you awake at night
  • Pimple-like sore on the gums
  • Pain in head, neck, or shoulders
  • Swelling

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Call Smile by Design today to reserve a consultation appointment with our Virginia Beach