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What You Should Know Before Getting Veneers

October 19, 2023

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A dentist placing a patient’s dental veneers

If you want a prettier smile, you ought to try dental veneers. These ceramic shells can transform your grin from the ground up. That said, a veneer treatment is a big investment. You’ll want to know how it works before you fully commit. (Otherwise, you may not get your ideal results.) Luckily, your Virginia Beach dentist has the vital details for you. Here are four crucial veneer facts you should learn before getting the shells.

They’re Not Reversible

Truthfully, veneers aren’t something to take lightly. Their placement process makes permanent changes to your teeth. To that extent, they’re not reversible.

You see, a dentist must “prep” your teeth to receive veneers. However, this step requires them to remove bits of your tooth enamel. (The removal helps the shells fit well.) Said enamel won’t grow back, so treated teeth will always need veneers in the future. The alternative is to suffer a larger risk of tooth sensitivity and infection.

Given this reality, make sure you want veneers. They’ll certainly improve your smile, but they’ll also alter your tooth structure.

They Need Regular Care

Yes, veneers can make treated teeth look flawless. In reality, though, the shells aren’t invincible. They need regular care to work well.

Sadly, veneers can fail early if they’re neglected. They might suffer stains despite their stain resistance. Similarly, the shells could chip or crack from a forceful bite. Veneers may also be removed when their underlying teeth decay.

Of course, you can avoid these outcomes with proper veneer care. Just remember to brush the shells twice daily, floss between them once daily, and rinse them often with mouthwash. That way, they’re likely to stay shiny and whole.

They Can Be Long-Lasting

Unfortunately, veneers aren’t permanent. Even the best ones need replacement over time. Still, their effects can last for many years at a time.

To be specific, the average veneer lasts roughly 10 years. Well-maintained ones, though, can reach a lifespan of 15 years or more. As such, caring for them ensures a cost-effective treatment. Help them last, then, by seeing your dentist often for cleanings and checkups.

They Are Custom-Made

If you don’t already know, veneers aren’t generic. They’re specially customized so that they work for your unique smile.

Indeed, lab workers follow a special process to make veneers. Using a dental impression of your prepped teeth, they craft the shells over a two-week period. This time and effort allows the finished shells to blend seamlessly with adjacent teeth.

Ultimately, it’s best to grasp crucial veneer facts before treatment. That being the case, memorize the ones above as you prepare for the shells!

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