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Fighting Decay with Your Dentist in Virginia Beach, VA

March 23, 2017

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We recommend scheduling routine dental appointments with your dentist in Virginia Beach, VA twice a year. You may have heard that old myth that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans…it may just be true if you don’t keep up good oral hygiene! Our mouths are full of bacteria—both good and bad—and it is extremely important to practice good hygienic habits to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If you neglect caring for your mouth and visiting your dentist in Virginia Beach, VA, you are risking your dental health. Smile by Design has the comprehensive preventive services your whole family needs to help all your loved ones reach optimal oral health.

Battle of Bacteria: Good vs. Bad

The easiest way to picture the balance of your dental health is by picturing a tug of war battle between the dangerous bacteria’s in your mouth and the helpful composites. On one team, there’s dental plaque that is consisted of harmful bacteria, unhealthy foods and drinks that contain high sugars and starches, and acids that are produced from processed foods. This harmful combination eats away at your tooth’s outer layer: the enamel.

On the other end of the rope, your mouth contains healthy minerals in your saliva (calcium and phosphate) to combat the evil bacteria in your mouth. As you can imagine, your natural saliva isn’t enough. This is where your personal dental care comes in. By using fluoride enhanced toothpaste and mouthwashes along with flossing and brushing correctly, the good bacterial team stands a chance. This is a constant battle of losing and regaining minerals. If you don’t keep tugging on the side of good dental health, your enamel will wear. This leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities. It is important to remember that you play a key part in preventing tooth decay!

Smile by Design Lends a Helping Hand

Have you ever seen a wrestling match where one partner “tags” another partner in? Picture your family dentist in Virginia Beach, VA to be your strong, dominating partner in your battle against bad bacteria. We provide regular dental checkups and cleanings for your whole family, even your little ones! By scheduling professional dental cleanings and checkups twice a year, you can expect to protect your teeth and gums in these ways:

  • A comprehensive examination—Our dentists examine every detail about each patient’s mouth looking for signs of oral health issues. We can spot more health issues than just decay, like gum disease, TMJ dysfunction, teeth grinding, and oral cancer in its early stages and start the best treatment to get your oral health back on track.
  • A professional cleaning—Our hygienists and dentists will systematically remove plaque and bacteria from hard to reach spots in your mouth. Even with an excellent oral health routine at home, it is important to have your dentist professionally clean the areas that you may have accidentally missed.
  • A customized plan for treatment—Our dentists will take the time to discuss the results of their dental checkup with them. We can answer any questions you may have and develop a plan for further treatment if needed.

Smile by design provides comprehensive, quality family dentistry for all your loved ones. We have the preventive care you need to win the battle of bacteria! Contact our office for comfortable cavity protection today!

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