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Smile By Design Testimonials

What Patients Say about Our Virginia Beach Dentists

"Smile by Design is absolutely the best dental practice. My immediate and extended families have been patients for many years and will continue in the future. All of us have sat in the chairs of Dr. Stephanie Santos & Dr. Vinita Folck. Their compassion and care levels are second to none. The receptionist, front desk staff, dental hygienist & assistants treat everyone like they are part of the family.

My 88 year old mother broke a tooth while removing her partial plate. Of course this disaster happened at dinner, after office hours, and she was in a lot of pain. I called the dentist office number and was given a number to call if there was an emergency. Dr Santos promptly returned my call and was very concerned about my mother's comfort. After answering a few questions, both hers and mine, she offered to drive to the office and meet us after hours to try alleviate mom's pain. Success! Removed the dangling tooth, sealed up the area so mom would be with out pain until she could have what was left surgically removed. Dr Santos went as far as contacting Dr Folck's husband Dr Michael Folck (oral surgeon), and arranged an appointment to extract her tooth the next morning. I could not and cannot say thanks enough to Smile by Design for taking such a personal interest in my mother's well being."
~Kathy Shannon

"Dr. Santos:
What a fantastic dentist you are! Over the last 60 years, I have been blessed to have dentists of the highest caliber – and this blessing was continued when I became your patient. Your expertise, skill, and dedication are only surpassed by your total devotion to the welfare of your patients. You are the truly the epitome of the “Perfect Dentist.” ~ Sharon

"Smile by Design,
I wanted to send you a note about how pleased I am with Dr. Santos and the whole Smile by Design staff. My whole family has trusted Dr. Santos with our teeth for years. And I’ve referred a number of my coworkers because of how great I think she is. So when I was considering getting additional cosmetic work done (veneers), the decision was simply whether I wanted the procedure done because the answer to who I would trust to do them was never in question…Dr. Santos, of course! She made sure I fully understood the procedure before I made any commitment. And when the time came to have them done, she worked extra hours until she felt they were just right. I am so impressed with her dedication to her work and to her clients that I will continue to sing her praises…especially now to show off my perfectly pearly whites.
Thanks" ~ Scott

"I want to thank you for your compassion when I got my fillings done on Thursday, July 25. I have always had side effects after dental work as the novocaine wears off-nausea etc... i don't know how you worked differently, but this time I was completely fine! Thank you for taking such good care of me (and my emotions and my teeth)! I greatly appreciate your kindness, patience, and excellent dentistry!" ~ Jennifer I.

"Thank you for making my first "oral invasion" in nearly 23 years of going to Dr. Wainger/Smile by Design such a pleasant experience! It was actually fun:) You two are funny, but consummate professionals. And so "patient" with your phobic patients." I didn't feel a thing... ~ Betsy D.

“Needing a crown to be done, I decided to go see Dr. Santos for the work. I was more than a little anxious about going to a new dentist after all these years. I was instantly put at ease. During and after the procedure I felt absolutely no discomfort whatsoever.” ~ Melani J.

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Pembroke 1 Building, 281 Independence Blvd., Suite 210, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 USA
Stephanie Santos, DDS Vinita Folck, DDS Smile by Design put fun in dentistry, with their family-friendly office, which provides gentle, compassionate, and comfortable family dentistry. (757) 499-9639