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Meet the Business Manager

David Santos, Business Manager

“Is David here?”

David Santos was born in Leigh Memorial Hospital in Norfolk, VA, and lived most of his life in Hampton Roads. He travelled quite a bit with his family, as his father was in the Navy for thirty years. David worked in psychology and counseling for more than two decades and also worked in computer graphics and printing for 13 years. About four years ago, he turned his attention to the dental practice of his wife, Dr. Stephanie Santos, and now runs the non-clinical side of Smile By Design.

David helps with all areas of the practice without getting in the way too much. If there are problems with insurance, computers, or anything else the team doesn’t want to deal with, David gets the task. David received Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology (Major) and Criminal Justice (Minor) from Old Dominion University in 1983. He admits that he has too many post-graduate credit hours to count in psych, counseling, computer technology, and programming. He should have finished his Master’s degree, but was too focused on not knowing what to focus on.

David shares the same hobbies as his wife, and says they’re pretty much the same, except for their taste in music, books, and television shows, driving ability, his ability to lift more than she can, and his ability to season their Cornish hens better. He loves their dog, Billy, and while he thinks four cats are way too many, he loves them all: Boo Boo, Akasha, Buttons, and “Fat” Oscar.

A Personal Note from David

I never thought I would be working in this field. The dentistry stuff is kinda gross and the sounds are creepy. I laughed, incredulously, when my wife said she always wanted to be a dentist. I said, “Slow down there, Hermey!”

Once I realized Stephanie still dreamed of being a dentist, I pushed her to pursue it. Now, I realize that dentistry IS about people. I love the people. The clinical side is there to enrich patients’ lives with the health and wellbeing provided by our great staff. Sounds sappy, but it’s true. I would not be working at Smile By Design otherwise. If the practice ever becomes about anything other than the patients we serve … then we’ll have failed our primary mission.

We’ve come a long way, but I believe we will always have areas of growth and need for improvement. Maybe that’s what makes me a decent fit for the job. I have the patience and the motivation to continue to fix what’s broken in our current systems and look forward to the day when we are satisfied we’re ahead of the curve. Oh, and I especially love working with my wife!

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